Congratulations and welcome to ECE’s Half Year Team program!  Below you will see our team lists, practice schedules, choreography dates and coaches.  If you do not see your name/number on this list, please email Cassie at cassiebienvenue@gmail.com as this is a typo.  All children who attended tryouts have been placed on a team!  We are still accepting private tryouts. It is possible for these team lists to shift slightly following this tryout and as the season progresses.  We do our best to properly evaluate each athlete but there are times where changes need to be made following the first few practices.  We look forward to the season ahead and to working with all of our new teams and athletes!  The first practice for all teams will take place on Monday, November 27th.  If you are unable to attend the first practices because of conflicts with your Youth teams, please email Cassie prior to the practice.

If you have any questions regarding team placements, please email Cassie at cassiebienvenue@gmail.com.



Practice Schedule – Monday 5:00-6:30, Saturday 3:00-5:00

Coaches – Alicia Capone, Melissa Elam, Reilly Medeiros (student demonstrator)

Choreography Schedule – Monday, December 18th  5:00-7:00, Wednesday, December 27th  9:00-12:00, Saturday December 30th  3:00-7:00

Team Members

9  Neve D

12  Gabriella D

14  Janeiris A

24  Roxanne R

26  Gianna H

28  Maliyah R

31  Alice H

38  Grace M

39  Leah M

53  Linda M

62  Katie C

65  Sophia R

69  Jacqueline C

73  Mia P

74  Ava P

85  Emily R

86  John B

88  Meaghan G

95  Giana B

97  Natalia S

100  Grace M

102  Abigail D

105  Ashlyn S

107  Delilah P

111  Julianny R

112  Naomi R

113 Manuelly E

115  Molina L

PT  Ariana E

PT  Evangeline G

PT  Ella G

PT  Andrianna Q

PT  Casey G

PT  Ciera S

PT  Amelia T



Practice Schedule – Monday 6:00-7:30, Saturday 4:00-6:00

Coaches – Rebecca Mahon , Kelly Puglisi, Maddy Brum (student demonstrator)

Choreography Schedule – Thursday, December 28th  9:00-3:00, Friday, December 29th 10:00-5:00

Team Members

1  Caroline B

10  Delaney S

13  Megan M

15  Marianne F

18  Gabriella V

29  Ella H

30  Makenzie P

33  Sabrina M

34  Emalee L

35  Julia A

44  Elizabeth C

47  Clara S

48  Luixiana G

49  Morgan C

50  Jenna W

51  Emma M

52  Tiana D

54  Karizma C

60  Antonia D

70  Melina T

71  Karissa A

72  Milana B

79  Mary B

81  Brooke W

83  Ashley L

89  Alexis C

98  Alicia S

99  Kendall B

106  Amariah A

114  Patrice R

PT  Quinn L

PT Kiley S.

PT  Hannah R

PT  Lauren S

PT  Alexandra P



Practice Schedule – Monday 7:30-9:00, Saturday 4:00-6:00

Coaches – Jackie Puglisi, Tayler Joyal

Choreography Schedule – Friday, December 29th 10:00-6:00, Saturday, December 30th 4:00-9:00, Saturday, January 6th 4:00-9:00

Team Members

2  Bianca M

8  Emma D

11  Veronica M

19  Abbie T

20  Alexandra B

21  Samantha C

23  Taylor H

25  Alexis T

27  Annabel M

32  Chyenne H

45  Kristin L

55  Angelina S

57  Stella M

66  Mia K

67  Molly P

77  Elaina K

84  Lindsey B

87  Ashley O

90  Emily D

94  Lanitza F

96  Sasha M

103  Allison B

104  Stacey S

110  Gianna M

PT Alexa M

PT  Megan G

PT  Caroline T

PT  Jacqueline D

PT  Ashley B

PT  Peyton K

PT Arianna D



Practice Schedule – Monday 7:30-9:00, Saturday 5:00-7:00

Coaches – Deb Smith, Christina Zuccaro, Jess Gulizia

Choreography Schedule – Wednesday, December 27th 9:00-5:00, Thursday, December 28th  9:00-3:00, Friday January 5th 5:00-9:00

Team Members

3  Nina A

4  Katie B

5  Madison M

6  Sydney H

7  Kaylie C

16  Molly O

17  Isabella L

22  Lily W

36  Shaylyn K

40  Nicole S

41  Kayleigh M

43  Bianca G

46  Drew P

56  Jillian M

58  Sarah S

59  Ami C

61  Lillia S

63  Kimberly C

64  Missy S

75  Callie C

76  Gabby M

78  Jenee D

80  Jacqueline A

82  Skylar N

91  Sara D

92  Jade K

93  Faith C

101  Stephanie L

PT  Cameron F

PT  Sophie M

PT  Avylyn K

PT  Janelle P

PT  Teda R

PT  Emily R







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