Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas TX

February 23-25, 2018


Please make sure all parents and cheerleaders practice great sportsmanship throughout the weekend!  Please do not save seats, etc.  Please make sure all cheerleaders arrive in athletic attire in our gym colors.  When in uniform, all cheerleaders must be in full uniform including sneakers (no Uggs, flip flops, etc).  All cheerleaders must remain in uniform from meeting time until the completion of awards ceremony.  If you are staying to watch other teams or arriving early, please be dressed in ECE clothing or gym colors.  Parents are not permitted to enter warm-up areas.  Please communicate any issues throughout the weekend to ECE staff and not event staff or judges.  Best of luck to all of our teams and athletes in Dallas!

Team Meeting Room – Room C143 inside the Convention Center.  All meeting times will take place in this room throughout Saturday and Sunday.  This room is for athletes and coaches only.


All Friday practice times will take place at the Fairmont Hotel in the Fountain Room.  Please wear your blue practice outfit and your team T-shirt to your practice time.  All practice slots are one half hour long.

C5 – Meet 5:45 PM, Practice 6:00 PM

J5 – Meet 6:15 PM, Practice 6:30 PM

M5 – Meet 6:45 PM, Practice 7:00 PM

JR5 – Meet 7:15 PM, Practice 7:30 PM

S4 – Meet 7:45 PM, Practice 8:00 PM

4.2 – Meet 8:15 PM, Practice 8:30 PM

I5 – Meet 8:45 PM, Practice 9:00 PM

J5, JR5 & S4 will have a curfew each night of 10:00 PM because of early meet times.  We highly recommend that all athletes regardless of meet times are in their rooms by 11:00 PM each night!


J5 J-WOW – Meeting time 6:15 AM, Warm-up 7:08 AM, Performance 8:00 AM – Arena

JR5 Ladybugs -Meeting time 7:30 AM, Warm-up 8:28 AM, Performance 9:23 AM – A-Hall

S4 Showgirls – Meeting time 7:50 AM, Warm-up 8:54 AM, Performance 9:50 AM – A-Hall

C5 Bomb Squad – Meeting time 1:45 PM, Warm-up 2:48 PM, Performance 3:43 PM – Arena

4.2 Rebels – Meeting time 2:15 PM, Warm-up 3:14 PM, Performance 4:10 PM – B-Hall

(CT Fame immediately follows C5.  Please all stay to watch Fame at 3:46 PM) – Arena

M5 Bombshells – Meeting time 2:00 PM, Warm-up 3:08 PM, Performance 4:00 PM – Arena

I5 Ladies – Meeting time 5:00 PM, Warm-up 6:08 PM, Performance 7:00 PM – Arena

**** The coaches of each team will do their best to bring teams to one another’s performances.  We ask that our fans please try to do the same – J5, JR5 and Showgirls will support one another.  C5, 4.2, Fame and M5 will support one another.  The staff will be at all performances and we ask that teams without an early start come back to watch I5.  Parents, please do your best to support each of these teams in your time frame each day!!


Please realize that your Sunday performance times depend on your Saturday results.  Below are division times only.  Exact times will be given to each team once Saturday results are made available to us.  The team in last place will perform first in their division on Sunday and the team in first will perform last.  You should assume that warm-up times are approximately 1 hour before performance times and meeting times are approximately 1 hour before warm-up times.  Division times are as follows –

J5 J-WOW  (L5 Small Junior) – 8:00 AM-8:45 AM.  Awards 10:00 AM – Arena

JR5 Ladybugs (L5 Large Junior Restricted)  – 8:48 AM-9:38 AM.  Awards 10:20 AM – A-Hall

S4 Showgirls (L4 Medium Senior A) – 9:15 AM-10:20 AM.  Awards 10:20 AM – A-Hall

C5 Bomb Squad (L5 Medium CoEd) – 3:39 PM-6:25 PM.  Awards 6:25 PM – Arena

4.2 Rebels (L4.2 Medium Senior) – 12:38 PM-1:35 PM.  Awards 2:45 PM – B-Hall

CT Fame (L5 Small CoEd) – 11:20 AM-5:22 PM.  Awards 6:25 PM – Arena

M5 Bombshells (L5 Medium Senior) – 3:35 PM-6:25 PM.  Awards 6:25 PM – Arena

I5 Ladies (L5 International Open) – 7:00 PM-9:00 PM.  Awards 9:10 PM – Arena



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