30 Minute Private Lesson- $30

60 Minute Semi -Private- $30-Per Athlete

30 Minute Stunt Private (1 Athlete)- $40

30 Minute Partner Stunt Private- $40

*Please note that all private lessons cancelled in under 24 hours from scheduled time slot must be paid in full to the instructor that it was scheduled with.


Please Contact the Instructor directly to set up a private:

Tyler Lewis- 781-635-0350

Macayla Sheehan- 781-608-8325

Sam Aylward- 781-351-1297

Krystin Killion- 617-669-0141

Jaclyn Donahue- 857-540-3075

Kaylee Willard- 617-827-0412

KK Sheehan- 339-788-6787

Tanisha King- 508-789-3093

Shannon Cardinal-781-264-7880

Kelly McNamara- 781-690-2381

Alyssa Serafini- 781-706-8452

John Gilbert- about pricing)

Bobby Amaral- (Inquire about pricing)