Hello ECE families!!

This program will allow us to have all your info at our fingertips. It will also allow you to make payments and check your balance etc right online!! Below are two links.

You will first need to register. Click on the registration link and complete in full. Here is where you will register your athlete and yourself. Please use your last name as your “family name” Please use all caps when filling in the registration page as well. Fill in the athlete first, use contact #1. Mark this one as “self” and then continue and add contact #2 as parent/parents also using all caps. Next step…you will need to activate yourself in the Parent Portal. You will use the User Id and Password you created during the registration process.

After we get everyone registered we will get you all activated and then we can start accepting payments online. Please take a look and get yourself signed up…there is a place where you can check off that you will send us an email receipt at the end of registration to notify us that this process is complete!
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at ecehingham@gmail.coM
Follow the steps below…use the registration link first!!!


Registration link

Parent portal Link