ECE Hingham is my home away from home. The owners and coaches make me feel so welcomed here. I can walk in the gym with  confidence. There is no drama,  only love and respect for everyone. The way the coaches care shows the true meaning of why they do what they do. They change peoples lives, show them teamwork, help them grow, and give them good sportsmanship. This gym has done amazing things in the last 2 years and I couldn’t be anywhere close to where I am today because of them. This program has impacted my life as well as others. This gym is more than just a gym, it is a family and our family can only get bigger.

Mia Comeau- Athlete

I was at ECE Hingham from the start. I had been given the opportunity to work with the Youth 2 team and fill in when they needed the help. When the 2nd season for the gym came around, I tried out. With the amazing help from the coaches and owners, the team Lady Legends was created. I had also been on my high school team, and even though that meant practice everyday of the week for my teams, my amazing coaches had made it possible to enjoy all 7 days of cheerleading. Without the help from my coaches and owners of ECE Hingham, I don’t think I’d be the athlete I am today. They do not only teach cheerleading to young athletes, but the importance of trust and friendship within a team. I have grown such a strong bond with all of the staff members and teammates. ECE Hingham is my second home and second family. They all have truly brought my love for cheerleading back. As for my team, Lady Legends, I couldn’t be happier to be apart of a first year level 4 team, with such success and loyalty to one another. The bond this team has will last forever and I couldn’t be more proud of how far we all have come. I am proud to be ECE and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.

Mikayla Farrell- Athlete

The Drummond ECE experience:

Our 2018 half-year season was nothing short of amazing. The passion that the coaches and owners have for these young athletes is organic, heart-felt and strong. They continually encourage and support each athlete’s goals and are always there to answer any questions anyone may have. The enthusiasm and pride is contagious. Coming from another gym was a tough decision for our family, but it is one we will never regret making. We are VERY proud to be ECE and look forward to another fun year ahead. Thank you all for everything you have done for our girls!!!

<3 Kerri Drummond- Parent

Kaitlyn & Sarah Baio’s 2018 ECE Experience

My daughter, Kaitlyn’s first experience on a half-year team at ECE was amazing! She really enjoyed her team, Shimmer, and never missed a practice! She was always encouraged by the coaches to perform her best and, this positive energy and incentive, gave her the confidence to attend many tumble classes and continually develop her skills.The
coaches truly teach the meaning of sportsmanship and teamwork!

When my older daughter, Sarah, was asked to fill in for Shimmer, we were so excited that she was recommended by a coach at ECE. This was a tremendous opportunity for her to practice cheer off
season and compete on an All Star team with her sister, where she jumped right in and loved it! After a winning performance, one coach wrote: “From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Sarah Baio for stepping up and filling in on Shimmer! She brought so much talent, enthusiasm and leadership to our team.” When Sarah was then offered to fill in on the J2 Icons team going to Summit,
we were extremely grateful and knew that we have found the best gym for our girls!

We feel that the ECE owners and coaches are genuine, approachable and truly appreciate the parents and athletes that support their gym and business. The motto that “ECE builds Athletes” says it all!

Meredith Baio